The Hanger (L-R) DJI Inspire, Mavic 2 Enterprise, Mavic Mini

OUR FLEET - Ready for take off!

Whether you're wanting some great high definition stills for that next presentation or to capture 3D model data to create your own digital VR environment, Dronology partnered with Pryority Droneworks  has a range of  airframes and software solutions available to suit a diverse range of flight operations from. If not don't worry! We'll source the airframe and all the necessary technology to get the job done. Send us an email with your job scope and overall specifications or request Dronology to contact you to discuss your specific business or client needs.


DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise - Dual
Visible & Thermal Imagery

Designed to fit a variety of industry applications, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise is the multitasker that can meet current workplace challenges and future demands.  Features speaker and  LED search lights as modular accessories to light the way or communicate with ground teams in critical operations.

Visible Imagery - Still Image 4K -:- Video Resolution UHD 4K

Thermal Imagery- Still Image & Video Resolution 640 x 480

Mavic 2 Enterprise Specifications


DJI Inspire 1 
Visible Imagery + 360 & VR

The stylish Inspire 1 from DJI is a reliable work horse of the skies with great aerial stability in those higher wind environments, interchangeable cameras and the capacity to take extra payloads.

Visible Imagery - Still Image 4K -:- Video Resolution UHD 4K (Zenmuse X3)

Inspire 1 Specifications


DJI Mavic Mini
Visual Imagery

At just 249g take off weight this very small drone still packs a punch in getting great shots in tight spaces. The Mavic Mini is the perfect platform with programable flight paths to 'meet and beat' the most regular image requirements.

Visible Imagery -Still Image 4K -:- Video Resolution 2.7K

Mavic Mini Specifications