Videography or photography?

Capturing stunning aerial vision has never been easier than with drone technology. Talk to us about getting that next winning shot in 4k Ultra High Definition video, 12 megapixel image or 360 degree POV.

Great pictures or vision doesn't always come from the camera lens of a drone. Dronology has a range of options to capture those stunning images from hand held boom, vehicle mounts and gimbal solutions.


What data are you after?

'Drones are simply the platform on which other technologies are mounted.' ​

Drones have the capacity to collect data at impressive speeds improving on accuracy, efficiency and ultimately, the  cost of doing business. Contact Dronology and let's discover a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System + IT solution that suits your specific business needs. 

Orthomosaic mapping


Orthomosaic maps are made up of a series of individual photos which have been stitched together using software so that they form a new composite image of many high resolution images.

DSM mapping


Digital surface model (DSM) These models depict elevations of the top of reflective surfaces, such as buildings and vegetation as a topographical map.

3D modeling


In addition to drone photography and video services, Dronology can generate 3D models using aerial maps for a variety of applications from volumetric calculations, backgrounding for video games through to video animation trajectories (3D fly-through)

Thermal imaging


Thermal imaging from a drone platform can accurately and efficiently identify issues and faults with photovoltaics. Unidentified faulty solar systems result in a decrease in power generation and increase the risk of critical failure or damage to infrastructure.

360 & VR views


Need data and/or vision in VR or 360? No problem!


Investigate how drones can support your school's STEM curriculum and get ready to discover the pilots, coders, engineers and innovators of the future. The Dronology team have years of experience in education, presenting and content creation.

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